The Dragon Between

A Difficult Conversation

Walking swiftly through the halls of the enclave in Wroat, Cuinas was fleetingly conscious of how different and small the Medani complex felt now. She felt uncomfortable in her home for the first time in her life. Even in the days when she was for all intents and purposes confined to it, she had never felt uneasy. The conversation she was about to have didn’t help matters.

When she sent the letter to Teriant indicating it was absolutely necessary for her to see her father when she traveled through Wroat on the way to Sharn, she anticipated that both he and her father would be irritated. They were both very busy, and she could practically hear Teriant mutter as her read her request, “This had better be damn important.”

She knocked on the door to her father’s rooms, hesitant to see him for the first time in her life. He opened the door, his slim and tall-for-a-half-elf frame seeming to tower over her. He raised his eyebrow at her, “Since when do you knock, daughter?” and motioned her inside.

So used to handling everyone with guarded and diplomatic politesse, she had long ago abandoned all of those mincing ways in her dealings with her father because Fiach demanded her to do so.

“I’ll get right to the point. I have to confess I have acted in a dishonorable fashion.”

“I know.”

Cuinas’ eyes widened, “How?”

“Ah, well, Kevaver came to me in distress a few weeks ago. He felt your light…”

“Go out.” Cuinas interrupted.

“No, actually, he said it dimmed. It was enough to bring him hightailing from Zilargo. How the hell he found me…” Fiach shook his head, “Anyway, he was concerned and furious, demanding to know what we had sent you into. When I told him we hadn’t sent you anywhere, and the last I heard you were playing adventuror up in the prinicpalities, he calmed immediately. Strangest reaction, I would say. He said that your commitment to the path of light would be tested and that it was fitting. He then told me I shouldn’t be too cross when you came to confess any wrongdoing, begged my forgiveness for interrupting my mission, which, I might add, was jeopardized by your mentor’s interference, and then promptly left.”

“I’m sorry my actions caused him to interrupt you, father.”

“It all worked out in the end. Now. I am prepared to be an understanding father, provided you tell me everything. I need to know how it could affect us.”

Cuinas brought him up to date on all that occurred since the last time they saw each other, this time telling it baldly, without any embellishment that could paint her in a more favorable light. By the end of the telling, Fiach looked grave.

“It isn’t the most ideal situation, is it? But it isn’t the end of the world. In the future, you will do better.”

“Yes, father.”

“Now, I understand you have a train to catch and I have an airship waiting. You never met me today, I wasn’t here. I love you, you crazy child.”

“Yes, father. Love and light be with you. Good Watching.”

“Good watching Cuinas, have fun in the towers.”



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