The Dragon Between

Clarity - Brightening the Internal Light

Cuinas’ Journal

Now that I have a soft bed and good food for a few days, I’m able to regain my equilibrium. My general mood has improved greatly, and despite the dangers that await us in the Shadow Marches, I find myself feeling more of my usual optimism.

The irony of the Sier situation does not escape me. My fury at her lackadaisy manner in accepting her destiny as scion is entirely unexpected, but genuine. Even now, my ire is lifted when I consider it. It reminds me a certain Brelish heir and his complete lack of competence. One would think that someone who is to inherit an entire country’s problems would better equip himself to deal with them.

Father’s mission is an interesting one. He knows that success will give me leverage somewhere. I cannot see it yet, but it will become clear in time. And overland journey will be nice at least until we gain Droaam, it has been ages since I’ve been on a proper ride.

In some perverse way, I’m looking forward to navigating the monster nation. Drooam will be a fascinating education in yet another alternative society. The Darguun empire proved a rewarding study for sure. I can’t help but notice the huge lack of the Houses’ representation in both lands. Sure there are token enclaves, but they cater mostly to travelers. I wonder how the hags would respond to more directed attention. I know that it would be dangerous, but the reward might be great for a house such as our small one.

That is, if we ever stop being the errand boys for Brelish royalty. I am not the only one who notices that other courts and countries, especially those with antagonism toward Breland, have less a call for our services. The enclaves are small. That would change, if I had my way. This adventuring “vacation” may just prove to be my key to ripping Medani from the clutches of the humans.

The Light save me, did I just sneer at “humans”? My current company is making me a bit more brutish every day. How amusing.



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