The Dragon Between

Message to Mardosk, leader, father, of my success

message sent from Greywall

I am far from Darguun, led by the task you set me upon. I have companions and lead them through many laces that have been protected by our ancestors. We have come upon some artifacts, and I believe this path may lead us to what you seek.
My skills have been tested many times. I know you have taught me to be a warrior above all, though in these times I find much of mothers’ teachings serve me. Where I would find honor bringing home the ears of of my slain enemies, now I find the caressing words and devotion to the spirits of our ancestors lead me to a great honor for our people. Her memories guide me and touch lives that do not know of our people and honor. We do much more than I set out to do.
I feel I have found my path. I will complete my task and when I return to bring glory to our people I wish to continue on this path before my. I wish to leave you to unite our people and I look to unite us as a nation so all people will know the honor and power of our ancestors.
I search and pray for an heir, so our tribe and the honor of our family may continue, as you have devoted your life. My heir will continue the honor and line of the trive and I will seek the honr of the nation that has been forgotten. I hope you find this to be an honorable task as well.



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