Adventurers break rules and defy stereotypes. Although they are not common, most people in Khorvaire know what adventurers are, and have romantic notions about what they do. Becoming an adventurer—and surviving—is a good way to become rich, see interesting places, and gain everlasting fame. News pamphlets such as the Korranberg Chronicle encourage this notion, because the public loves great adventure tales. Such stories are even better when they’re true. Adventurers whose stories end badly are rarely featured, and novice do-gooders who disappear in the wild on a first outing are rarely discussed. Adventuring is the epitome of a high-risk, high-reward career.

Few adventurers travel alone. They know that there is safety in numbers, that five heads are better than one, and that a group is more than the sum of its parts. Many adventuring parties work as freelancers, going wherever their noses (and more arcane senses) point. Others accept the patronage of wealthy individuals, governments, or organizations. These patrons supply adventurers with missions and rewards and serve as sources of information and intrigue. These relationships work best when the adventurers and their patrons share common interests. A party fascinated by Xen’drik’s mysteries, for example, would do well to consider patronage from Morgrave University.


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