World of Eberron

THE WORLD of Eberron boasts an enormous
variety of cultures and societies, as well as multiple
branches of history and development. This chapter
presents the known regions of Eberron, divided into
three categories: the Five Nations, greater Khorvaire,
and the world beyond Khorvaire.
In addition, other elements of importance to
adventurers are discussed. In Eberron, a character’s
race, place of origin, dragonmark (or lack of one), and
other details of his or her history can influence the
kind of hero that character becomes. This chapter
offers information about Eberron that a player can
use when creating a character’s background. Sample
adventurers are presented for each of the major
regions of Khorvaire, for each of the dragonmarked
houses, and for each of the new races introduced
in this book. Each background has skills associated
with it.
This chapter includes the following sections.
Greater Khorvaire: Information available to any
character from the Five Nations, followed by information
specific to each region. This section includes an
overview of major communities and other geographic
features, as well as information about each region’s
populations, culture, and religions.
Beyond Khorvaire: Information commonly available
to the inhabitants of regions outside Khorvaire

The Five Nations

Greater Khorvaire


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World of Eberron

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