• Ciúnas d'Medani

    Ciúnas d'Medani

    House Medani Diplomat, Kalashtar-trained Psion Seeking a New Purpose
  • Sier Dhakaan

    Sier Dhakaan

    Sier is a Dhakaani Hobgoblin Bard from a Kech Volaar tribe in Darguun
  • Torque


    Warforged Swordmage formerly in service to House Cannith.
  • Viktor Ullern, Gangrel

    Viktor Ullern, Gangrel

    Karrnathi Veteran of the Last War; Vampiric Devotee of the Blood of Vol; Dragonmarked Scion of the Divine Within
  • Viktor Ullern, Paladin

    Viktor Ullern, Paladin

    Proud officer of the Karrnathi army; Devoted paladin of the Blood of Vol; Vampiric Seeker of the Divine Within