Ciúnas d'Medani

House Medani Diplomat, Kalashtar-trained Psion Seeking a New Purpose


Ciúnas (Amharc) d’Medani, level 8
Half-Elf, Psion
Build: Telepathic Psion
Discipline Focus: Telepathy Focus
Background: Society – Noble (+2 to Diplomacy)

Str 8, Con 12, Dex 12, Int 19, Wis 12, Cha 18.

Str 8, Con 10, Dex 11, Int 17, Wis 12, Cha 15.

AC: 20 Fort: 17 Reflex: 20 Will: 22
HP: 52 Surges: 8 Surge Value: 13

Insight +20, Arcana +13, History +13, Diplomacy +17

Acrobatics +5, Bluff +8, Dungeoneering +5, Endurance +5, Heal +5, Intimidate +8, Nature +5, Perception +5, Religion +8, Stealth +5, Streetwise +8, Thievery +5, Athletics +3

Psion: Ritual Caster
Level 1: Human Ingenuity
Level 2: Linguist
Level 4: Autohypnosis
Level 6: Traveler’s Insight
Level 8: Mark of Detection

Dilettante: Energy Strobe
Psion at-will 1: Mind Thrust
Psion at-will 1: Mind Lock
Psion daily 1: Ravening Thought
Psion utility 2: Transport Self
Psion at-will 3: Fuse Form
Psion daily 5: Inflicted Mindscape
Psion utility 6: Shared Recovery
Psion at-will 7: Mind Break (replaces Mind Thrust)

Resplendent Gloves (heroic tier), Orb of the Sympathetic Eye +2, Silk Rope (50 ft.), Travel Papers, Waterskin, Residuum (Any) (100), Journeybread, Identification Papers with Portrait, Everburning Torch, Bottle of Wine, Potion of Healing (heroic tier), Irrefutable Cloth Armor (Basic Clothing) +2, Brooch of Shielding +2
Amanuensis, Brew Potion, Conceal Dragon mark, Fastidiousness, Make Whole, Wizard’s Escape, Sending, Transfer Enchantment, Eavesdropper’s Foil


Ciúnas d’Medani has known most of her life the comforts of civilization, living among nobility. The manners of court come without thinking, so she gives the instant impression of a genteel manner. She is naturally polite and unassuming. Though through habit she doesn’t use her psionic powers in a flagrant manner, she seems to be a bit distracting when in a crowded room. For better or for worse, unless she specifically masks herself, people tend to remember the shortish blond half-elf. She dresses in fine clothing, once wore no weapons. She prides herself on remaining calm in tense situations. Those that think to threaten her are usually stymied by a fearsome voice penetrating their very thoughts.

Her adventures have tempered somewhat her tendencies toward snobbishness. Though she can still act as one born to a court life, she is much more relaxed among friends, and can more easily adapt to the manners of whatever company she is in. Her work with her “lovable monsters,” as she mentally refers to her party members (never, never to their faces) has given her the experience necessary to adapt to nearly any culture’s norms. Not that she always does, of course. She still maintains a great love of fine clothing and comforts, and is usually the first to seek them out when the battle dust settles. She keeps some form of weapon at her side now, but so rarely uses it, often she forgets it’s existence until Viktor or Sier (loudly, exasperatingly) remind her to use it.

Her mother, Iarrann d’Medani, was a diplomat/emissary for House Medani. Her family had a history of minor dragonmarks. She served the house as a negotiator to the royal families, other dragonmarked houses, and any other time delicate handling was required. She worked directly for the minister in charge of the espionage handling and was in frequent contact with high level house members, including the Baron. Well liked among the house’s clients, she was famous for her neutrality. She had a reputation for aloofness within the house. Her father, Fiach Amharc, came from a line of minor marked individuals, but he never manifested one. Nevertheless, he served the house as a spy catcher. More zealous than her mother, he was charismatic and outgoing and very popular among his fellow catchers and within the house. The marriage was not prearranged, despite the common assumption that it was. They didn’t spend a great amount of time together, but a deep affection ran between them. Iarran died eight years before the war ended of a wasting sickness. Her death was thoroughly investigated, and the House determined no foul play was found. Fiach was close to Taldoc d’Medani and after the treaty ended the war, became a member of Basilisk’s Gaze, hunting war criminals, and he continues to serve in this capacity. He has developed friendships among the Dennith Sentinel Marshals. He is in infrequent contact with his daughter, but they maintain communication as best they can.

Ciúnas Amharc was born in Fairhaven. Her mother was on a long assignment to the court of Queen Aurala at the time of her birth. This was the beginning of a varied and colorful childhood, as she followed her mother across Khorvaire. She was occasionally separate from her mother and during these times she lived at the House Enclave in Wroat. These (usually one or two month periods) were spent under the care of her father while he was between assignments. Care-free compared to her everyday life, these were akin to vacations. Fiach took advantage of this time with her, bringing her everywhere, and she sat in on some of his training sessions. The other spycatchers, teasing her for her courtly manners, gave her the nickname ‘Princess’. To this day, the closest friends of her father address her by this moniker in private.

When she was 11, she was sent for further diplomatic training to Korranberg in Zilargo. Iarrann knew that the subtley of the gnomes was a skill that would prove invaluable if Ciúnas were to take up her position in the future. It was here that Ciúnas met her first Kalashtar. Kevaver approached her guardian shortly after her arrival in Korranberg. He had sensed her innate psionic talents. Intense negotiations eventually led to permission for her to develop those powers. She balanced her time between the etiquette/diplomatic lessons and her mental training. Four months of the year she spent with her mother, to maintain her exposure to the world. During an intense training session with Kevaver when she was 14 her dragonmark manifested. It blossomed along her neck and down her left shoulder, and manifested as a greater mark. Her mother and Medani leadership were a bit taken aback by the size of it. The house began to make bigger plans for Ciúnas. Her mother attempted to shield her from the worst of the plotting, and began to divulge information to her about the various influential people Iarrann had contact with. Iarrann confessed that both she and Ciúnas’ father disagreed with the baron’s close ties to Breland, and were quietly working toward a more neutral reputation. The house had never broadcasted her psionic talents, and soon made the decision to make them a house secret, to allow her a potential future edge when she finally took over her mother’s position.

This was expected to be decades in the making, but her mother’s illness and death when Ciúnas was 20 changed things. She was assigned a guardian, one of her father’s closest friends, and after a short period of mourning, took up her mother’s duties. The transition was natural and smooth, since the royal courts had watched her grow up and the assumption that she would replace her mother was widespread.
Ciúnas learned that her mother’s position involved a lot of delicate maneuvering. Though she was directed to not use her powers in any way that would reveal them, they proved very useful. Only her closest guardians and direct supervisors knew of them.

The End of the War
The last four years of the war were intense for her. Stress was always high, but Ciúnas was young and she relished the challenges. She was among the representatives of House Medani at the Treaty of Thronehold. After the treaty, her work became even more important, as some of Medani’s leaders strove to minimize the relationship between Breland’s King and the Baron of the House. Ciúnas was astoundingly successful. That success would soon become a problem in itself.

One of her more significant successes was to develop a relationship between Medani and Tuuril Dhilkaan. The hobgoblin dirgesinger first sought to hire Medani investigators when some of the Dhakaan relics went missing. Not having much prior work with the Kech Volaar, Medani leaders sent Ciúnas as an envoy to pave the way. It was a rare chance for her to work with the investigation she negotiated. Tuuril and her advisers wanted as few Medani involved as possible, and she assisted the few investigators sent to uncover the thieves. During the final confrontation, when they discovered and defeated the cell of Emerald Claw agents that were responsible for the thefts, she was injured by the necromancer that led the cell. Though she survived, her left hand was grievously injured. Jorasco healers could heal it to functionality, but could not erase the blackened skin and scars from the surface. When she is greatly fatigued, her hand shakes. To this day, she always wears gloves, and the hand is a constant reminder of the enmity she bears to Emerald Claw.

Gradually, a few rumors began to circulate among the powerful houses about Ciúnas. Those already slightly suspicious of Medani said that she saw too much, more than could be explained by powers of her dragonmark. Those in the House who sought a more widespread acceptance and reputation of neutrality asked her to step away from active work. She was recalled to Wroat and was only sent to negotiate when the client would not work with anyone else. Few would make such a request, and Ciúnas life slowed to a crawl. She was bored. Intensely bored. So much so that she began to be a bit of a nuisance to the administrators in the house as she bugged them for assignments. They wouldn’t send her back to her old work, and she wasn’t really trained as an inquisitor. Too well known to take up the work of her father, they were at a loss. Her psionic talents and dragonmark made her a perfect candidate for an arranged marriage, but unfortunately a suitable one did not present itself. Finally they suggested (strongly) that she take an extended vacation. Something of a sabbatical. A long one. One that could in the future serve as an explanation of development of strange powers.

Ciúnas was relieved and excited. Having been groomed to be a diplomat her whole life, the freedom to experience life as an adventurer, outside the plethora of rules of court and the houses was an unexpected gift. She shied away from the five nations and places she would be well known. Heading out across the Talenta Plains, she headed for a place where Medani had almost no presence, and courtly rules were laughable, the Principalities.

Though her life had not been entirely sheltered, she had a bit of a rocky start. Luck was on her side, as she was inexplicably aided by a raging dragonborn when overtaken by bandits. Forming a friendship, the two realized their weaknesses were the others strengths and traveled together. What the near future held, Ciúnas could not guess. Eventually she assumed she would be recalled to the House, to serve in perhaps her former capacity, and certainly to marry and continue the bloodline of Medani. Until then, she explored Khorvaire with relish.

A Clear Path

As she continued her travels, she became more practical, learning much from those in her party and from her mistakes along the way. Her limits tested, she became determined to increase not only her powers, but her purpose. She began to lean on the guidance of the Light, and without noticing it herself, began to talk much like a Kalashtar.

Soon after her party’s success in the Shadow Marches, Fiach sent Cuinas a package via one of his fellow Basilisk’s Gaze agents. It turned out to be her mother’s private journal. Cuinas was shocked, having thought Iarrann had only kept one journal, her official one that was a house document. Cuinas had always had access to her mother’s official notes, but once she began perusal of the journal, she realized that her father’s desires and ideas for the house’s future were completely eclipsed by her mother’s careful plans. Included in the pages were profiles on important individuals, house secrets previously unknown to Cuinas, and many scenarios that would effectively pluck Medani from Breland, with the pros and cons of any new house center listed in great detail.

Because her mother’s final additions to the journal were recorded when the war was still raging, she had contingency plans for when the war ended, and if it continued. It was very clear that if she had not sickened, her mother had planned to, if not through Cuinas herself, through a joint committee of trusted Medani, bring one of the plans to fruition.

In the final pages of the journal, written right before her death, Iarrann wrote directly to Fiach, listing individuals who, if it became necessary, Cuinas should wed. Reading the seemingly cold dissection of a handful of names, none of whom Cuinas actually knew, though two she knew of, she was shocked. Her mother’s planning was so thorough, but the half-elves that she indicated would be good matches were little known and without influence in the house. “Why are they special? What did she know that no one else seems to?” Cuinas asked herself. Placing those pages aside for future perusal, Cuinas set about memorizing the rest of the book. A page at a time, she committed her mother’s life’s work to memory.

Using her mother’s work, Cuinas began to plan her own future with great attention. No longer willing to relagate herself to a “sometime I might do something and maybe I’ll marry,” future, she decided that she, a psion surrounded by scions, would bring Medani to a new height, as new face of Khorvaire was shaped and the human civilizations, as she so believed, would, if not collapse entirely, make way for powerful civilizations of hobgoblin, “monster”, and perhaps even dragonborn. Knowing that drastic change within the house could upset delicate balances across the contient, she wrote out her plans in the blank pages of her mother’s book, updating the information contained within.

The Light of Change

Cuinas had chosen one of her mother’s suggestions. She had over many months time arranged to meet them all “by chance” and only one set off all of her psychic senses. Sionnach D’Medani was a low-level bureaucrat and sometimes private eye from Fairhaven. Born only a few years prior to her, he had spent most of his life in the capital of Aundair. He was absolutely flabbergasted with Cuinas’ interest in him, but amenable and accepting of her explanation that it was her mother’s dying wish they be wed. He had met her mother, once, many years before, and only briefly, but as most Medani knew, the arrangement of marriages were sometimes based on even less.

Amid the wedding plans, more and more people started seeking Cuinas out. Word had spread that she could see the destinies of anyone, of any race, and could provide luck and guidance, if only she would. Medani house leadership capitalized on the idea, and soon an audience with Cuinas was very costly. Although slightly irritated on the large, as too often the people who paid to find out their futures were in possession of boring ones, she began to hone her skills in this, learning how to turn over the hidden desires and motivations within a person, and became confident enough to give them some sort of feedback. Seeing that she could become an overpriced soothsayer, she demaded that Medani limit the applicants even further, forcing them to put yet another beuracracy in place. After an initial period of them consuming her life, Sionnach put his foot down with the baron’s staff, and Cuinas was able to step away from figuring out other’s futures and start living her own.

A Radical Shift

Cuinas was in her study taking a break from the finishing touches on the plan to execute a coup within the house to answer a letter from Xentril. She had spent the last few days in frustration, uncertain of her choice for the new baron of the Medani who would set up shop in the newly bustling Dafaann, a newly-developed Darguun metropolis at the mouth of the Marguul Pass on the Brelish border. The lightning rail newly constructed to Rhukaan Draal passed through the city and preparations there were complete. Suddenly, her mind was shot through with a bright light, painful and searing. She dropped her quill, hands coming to her temples to focus and rein in the chaos tripping along her neurons. The source was quickly determined. It came from the path that connected her mentally at all times with Sionnach. Cuinas raced out to the room she had last seen her husband and found him kneeling on the floor, panting in pain as a blue-white light traced over his skin. Long painful seconds later, the pain in her mind was gone and the light slowly faded. Sionnach looked up at her with foreboding. Cuinas’ eyes went wide with shock and she just pointed to a mirror. The small dragonmark on Sionnach’s elbow had grown to cover, what appeared to be most of his torso, and perhaps more. He looked back at Cuinas, “What…” She whispered, “Siberys. This changes everything.”

Ciúnas d'Medani

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