Sier Dhakaan

Sier is a Dhakaani Hobgoblin Bard from a Kech Volaar tribe in Darguun


Bard, Hobgoblin
6’1" Female, 210lbs.
Low Light Vision
Alignment: Unaligned
Languages: Common, Goblin
23 SC 16 Fort 17 Ref 20 Will
61 Hit Points 15 healing surge, 9 per day

10 Str
14 Con
14 Dex
10 Int
15 Wis
20 Char

Songbow of Vanishment +2
Mithral Finemail +2
Bracers of Archery


The story of Sier Dhakaan began in the mountains of Volaar Draal during the Great War in the year 956 as the only child of Mardosk and Sekhan. Sekhan was the religious leader of a small tribe amoung the clan of Kech Volaar being skilled in song and the spirit. As Sekhan gained in stature she dedicated her teachings to her daughter so no one else could rival her skills in song and healing. All in the tribe would depend on her for their spiritual well being.
In the year 966 the battles with the Cyrans was becoming more volitile. They attacked in greater numbers with larger weapons to overcome the guerilla tactics of the Dhakaani, which brought the fight to Volaar Draal and led to the death of the Tribe leader and Religious leader, Sekhan. Mardosk was enraged and successfully fought for the right as tribal leader to drive back the Cyrans to the border. He narrowed the path through the mountains to allow snipers to wipe out any would be invaders; and his daughter became the most skilled of the tribe. For three days they would sit and wait, killing all that came through and honing their skills. It is said that any sniper that returned to the tribe would be tested, and if they did not gain in skill since their last test they were sent back to the border until they gained honor for their tribe. Some never returned.
By 970 the rebellion took root and Cyre’s Scourge, Ulvoth, brought many Hobgoblins into the fight, including Mardosk’s daughter, Sier.
Mardosk ordered, “Go and bring back honor and power to the Dhakaani. You are next in line and must honor your mother’s spirit with the Cyran dead.”
In 974 Sier had joined the would be army in a crucial battle. The Cyrans continued to drive closer to the heart of the rebellion and Hobgoblins were forced to fight on their terms. As a force pushed through Sier’s squad her leader was killed and, in a moment of spiritual awakening, she let out a wail that sounded as a song and let loose what some say was an arrow, others a magical light, that struck through the eye of the Cyran leader from a thousand feet away. She emptied her arrows into the Cyran squad faster than lighting could strike the ground and the Dhakaani squad drove the Cyrans to the border, harrying their flanks for a week. The Cyrans were so weak and famished they were picked off one by one by the ruthless and stronger Hobgoblins. They were so weak some shed their armor and the rebel fighters wear Cyran armor to this day as a symbol to honor their great victory over a weaker race.
Word of the battle reached Ulvoth and in 975 Sier was brought to her squad, where she stayed for 14 years, killing Cyran leaders and would be assasins. Word reached from Mardosk of the rising power of their race, however the power was not for the Dhakaani. Understanding the cost of a Ghaal’dar leader gaining power over the Dhakaani Sier broke off from the rebellion to join a mercenary squad.
“Now go,” Mardosk said, “and take the honor you have brought us and find a power that will raise us above all in this land. Follow the legends of old to the forgotten lands. Find the power that will control armies, bind our people, and bring the Dhakaani to their rightful place.”

Sier Dhakaan

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