Viktor Ullern, Paladin

Proud officer of the Karrnathi army; Devoted paladin of the Blood of Vol; Vampiric Seeker of the Divine Within


Viktor UllernLevel 11 Paladin of the Blood of Vol / Blood Knight
Medium Humanoid
Initiative +7 … Senses Insight +13, Perception +10 (+2 vs. Dhampyrs and Undead); low-light vision
HP 83; Bloodied 41 … Surges 13; Value 20 (18 Bloodied)
AC 28; Fort 21, Ref 20, Will 20
Resist 10 Necrotic
Speed 7 (6 in Heavy Armor)
Action Points 1
Class Features Blood-Calling Action, Channel Divinity, Divine Challenge, Lay on Hands, Taste for Blood
At-Will Powers Ardent Strike, Divine Challenge, Holy Strike, Lay on Hands
Encounter Powers Blood Drain, Blood-Seeking Strike, Channel Divinity (Divine Mettle or Divine Strength), Lifeblood, Resurgent Smite, Stolen Life, Strength from Valor
Utility Powers Benediction, Bless Weapon, Fury of the Battle God
Daily Powers Berserker’s Fury, Blood of the Mighty, Martyr’s Retribution, Reaper’s Harvest
Alignment Good … Languages Common, Elven
Skills Athletics +12, Heal +13, History +10, Insight +13, Religion +10
Feats Berserker’s Fury, Devoted Paladin, Heavy Blade Expertise, Sudden Smite, Vampiric Heritage, Weapon Proficiency (Bastard Sword)
Str 18 (+9) … Dex 12 (+6) … Wis 16 (+8)
Con 14 (+7) … Int 10 (+5) … Cha 15 (+7)
Equipment Dagger, Adventurer’s Kit (w/ silk rope), Fine Clothing; Vigilant Bastard Sword +2, Veteran’s Plate Armor +2, Heavy Shield of Defiance, Casque of Tactics, Amulet of Life +1, Gauntlets of Brilliance; Potion of Healing (2), 1,705 gp
Racial Traits Human Heritage, Living Dead, Vampiric Heritage
Background Trait Karrnath: +2 Athletics



This human male turns his head to look in your direction, one eyebrow slightly raised, then gives a brief nod, as he keeps his gaze on you. He appears to be in his late twenties or early thirties, with shoulder-length dark brown hair and a short beard. His eyes are deep black, but a faint crimson sheen flickers briefly in them. Despite his pale skin tone, he has a preternatural vitality and carries himself with a proud military bearing.

He is clad in full plate armor—battle-worn, but in very good care—and a dark cloak secured with a dragon’s-claw clasp. He carries a shield slung over one shoulder, the scarred face of which is painted with the red wolf’s-head mark of Karrnath. A long blade is strapped to his back in a heavy wooden sheath; its wire-wrapped leather hilt is as worn as his armor and shield, but equally well-kept. Under one arm, he holds a helm in the shape of a snarling wolf’s head, jaws open to allow the wearer to see out between its bared fangs.


Born and raised in the township around Tanar Rath castle, at the southwest edge of the Rekkenwood, Viktor was the firstborn of an officer of the guard and a lacemaker. Though his parents, and later his sister, were not especially strong in faith, something in the local Seeker priests’ sermons and debates called to him, and in between chores, play, and schooling he would spend time at the local church, washing the flagstones and keeping the many candles lit as he discussed the faith with priests and visitors alike.

The battles of the Last War spread across Khorvaire while Viktor came of age and was prepared for his nation’s compulsory military service. His family’s modest influence, coupled with his own physical talents and the determination developed by his growing faith, afforded him the chance to enlist at the Rekkenmark Academy, where he quickly earned good marks as a cadet and promising potential junior officer.

In his absence, the Last War brought a siege to Tanar Rath in the form of a Thranish expeditionary force. Viktor’s mother and sister both took a few burns when a shop they hid in was set aflame, while his father was badly wounded in the fighting, losing a foot and an eye. Word reached him weeks later, giving him a personal as well as national stake in the war; as of his graduation, he decided to make a career of his military service, swearing to defend Karrnath and its people with his life.

During an intelligence-gathering mission at the Battle of Saerun Road in Cyre, he encountered a dangerous necromancer and her undead servants—apparently rogue elements of the Emerald Claw. The event known as the Mourning took place while her magic and minions clashed with his blade and his fury. As men, women, and warforged died all around, Viktor’s own outrage and determination sustained him…

…and he emerged from the battle, and the mists of the Mournland, changed.

“The Blood is the Life,” so the doctrine of his faith says, and while he viewed his newfound abilities as a little unusual, he embraced them fully, seeing them as an extension of his belief in himself and his inner strength. He rarely reveals the full extent of his changes, except in the heat of battle, or to those he feels he can trust.

Since the end of the Last War, Viktor has been discharged from active duty, and is a warrior without a war. He wanders Khorvaire as a sometime mercenary, but more often seeking ways to challenge himself, proselytize his belief to those interested, and take tasks that will benefit his nation and his faith. He has been disillusioned by the Emerald Claw’s outlawing in Karrnath, and their terrorist activities, even in the name of his nation. He sees them as a disgrace to his country and the faith they claim to represent, and opposes them at every opportunity.

Viktor’s travels have taken him to Sharn, exploring the depths of the ruins below and fighting a pitched battle with a mad wizard in the skies above; through Droaam, crossing paths with an Emerald Claw raiding party and the Medani diplomat they had waylaid; to the Shadow Marches where he fought alongside others against the corruption of a cult of the Dragon Below; and more recently, to Darguun, where he was caught between hobgoblin warriors and Emerald Claw raiders. He has formed an unusual alliance with the Medani woman, as well as one of the Dhakaani since then, and continues his travels, visiting home once in awhile. He does, however, still keep his uniform, medals, and tabard ready, just in case he should have to answer his nation’s call in a time of need.


Recalled to Duty: Viktor swore an oath to uphold and defend his nation, and though he is discharged, he knows he may be called into duty again someday. But how? What threat would demand such a response?

Family Ties: Viktor’s family still lives, and he has taken pains to visit them now and again during his travels, bringing tales of the world, and funds to support them in times of hardship. Still, he has yet to fully explain how he has changed… and what if any enemies he has made should know of his family?

The Truth of the Blood: Despite his devotion to his faith, Viktor has never been officially inducted into any higher ranks of the church heirarchy, nor does he know of the origins of the Blood of Vol. Despite his experiences, he is still unsure exactly why he changed. Since he is neither entirely living nor undead, what sort of attraction would his abilities draw from someone more powerful?

Remnants of the Last War: The Last War touched almost everyone on Khorvaire and beyond in some way or other, especially Viktor. He will not harm civilian targets, and despises anyone who preys upon the innocent in their path. He has still seen his fair share of battles, and borne witness to the Day of Mourning. With so many others having had flashbacks and worse, despite his strong will and sense of purpose, there may still be some as-yet unknown way his experiences will affect him.


Ardent Strike / Reaper’s Harvest / Resurgent Smite / Stolen Life / Strength from Valor: Viktor swings his weapon with the full strength of his body and faith behind it. As the blade cuts deep, his enemies’ wounds flare with scarlet light, and he or his allies draw strength and vitality from the strike instead.

Berserker’s Fury / Fury of the Battle God / Lifeblood: With a low snarl, Viktor bares his teeth, fangs showing. His hands clench tighter at his weapon and, he redoubles his attacks, howling with supernatural fury.

Bless Weapon / Blood of the Mighty / Holy Strike / Martyr’s Retribution: Viktor quickly draws the edge of his sword over his own exposed flesh, cutting just deep enough to line the blade’s edge with his blood. As he holds it aloft, preparing for his next attack, the blade shines with a brilliant crimson radiance.

Blood Drain: As Viktor grapples with his opponent, his eyes widen, red-rimmed and unblinking, and his skin fades to a translucent pale that shows the veins beneath. With an inhuman roar, he bares razor sharp fangs, rending flesh as he bites down. As he shoves away his enemy, blood dripping from his mouth and pouring from their wound, his skin flushes with stolen vitality.

Benediction / Channel Divinity: “The Blood is the Life!” shouts Viktor, his voice booming with conviction, channeling the strength of his faith to his allies, and his own sword-arm.

Divine Challenge: Glaring sternly, Viktor sweeps his blade to point at an opponent, points of his fangs showing just a little. For just the briefest moment, pale reddish light flickers around himself and the one he has challenged.

Lay on Hands: Viktor reaches out to the wounded party, placing his hand firmly on them, and closes his eyes, taking in a single breath. With a soft thumping like a distant, great heartbeat, veins of blood-colored light surge beneath the skin, spreading outward from the injury. As the heartbeat fades, so does the light, taking the wound with it.

Viktor Ullern, Paladin

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