Beyond Khorvaire

Although Khorvaire is the center of the world to many people, five other continents stretch across Eberron.

Aerenal: Just southeast of Khorvaire lies the great island of Aerenal, the ancient home of the elf race. The Aereni have preserved their traditions unchanged through millennia, guided by their
undead ancestors. To outsiders, the elves of this ancient island kingdom seem like sinister necromancers or death cultists, but their reverence for the dead does not make them evil. Even so, the land of Aerenal holds abundant dangers alongside its plentiful opportunities.

Xen’drik: To Khorvaire’s south stretches the vast wilderness of Xen’drik, once home to a fallen empire of giants. Ruins of this empire are buried in the continent’s endless jungles. Every expedition that returns from the wilds of Xen’drik bears new relics and mysteries. With steaming equatorial jungles, a vast desert, and a frozen wasteland to its distant south, Xen’drik is a treasure trove waiting to be plundered. At least, that’s how adventurers view it. To the native yuan-ti and drow, the jungles and ruins are home, and they fight to defend them.

Argonnessen: East of Xen’drik, beyond Aerenal, is the homeland of the dragons, Argonnessen. Few
nondragons travel to the continent’s interior, but reports speak of dragonborn city-states, ruled by dragon kings. The dragons are devoted to the study of their ancient Prophecy, which they see revealed in the movement of the moons and stars, marks written on the earth, and in the strange designs that appear on the skin of some of Khorvaire’s humanoids. These designs are the dragonmarks, and many scholars view them as symbols of power and destiny.

The Frostfell: North of Khorvaire is the frozen waste of the Frostfell, the source of brutal winter storms and the home of terrifying monsters of ice and destruction. Only two expeditions from Khorvaire have successfully braved the Frostfell’s unrelenting cold, and neither has reported any redeeming feature of this barren land.

Sarlona: Sarlona is Khorvaire’s neighbor to both east and west. The vast empire of Riedra dominates Sarlona. Its ruler-deities are the mysterious Inspired; its liaisons and diplomats can be found in every major Khorvairian population center. The other regions of Sarlona—Adar, Syrkarn, and the Tashana Tundra—are defined by their relationship to Riedra and exist in its shadow. Occasionally, Adaran travelers come to Khorvaire, so its culture—although it is exotic and illunderstood— is not unknown on that continent.

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