Across Khorvaire, people of all races speak Common. As the official language of the Kingdom of Galifar, it became nearly universal on the continent. Nonhuman races such as elves and dwarves have their own languages, but those tongues are not as well known.

The languages in Eberron are the same as those presented on page 25 of the Player’s Handbook®, with a few exceptions. Ores speak Goblin (not Giant) from their days as members of the Dhakaani Empire, and drow speak Giant (not Elven) due to their long tenure as slaves of the giants. In addition, three new languages appear in Eberron.

Argon is an altered form of Common spoken by numerous barbarians, especially those in and around the northern islands and shores of Argonnessen.

Quori is an ancient, mystical language spoken primarily among the most learned and important of Sarlona’s kalashtar and Inspired.

Riedran is spoken by the Sarlonan lower classes. Its script is an antiquated form of Common called Old Common. Although both Riedran and Common evolved from the same root language, they are different enough that speakers cannot understand each other.

The script for Deep Speech is Daelkyr, rather than Rellanic. Eberron’s Far Realm is called Xoriat, and its inhabitants are the daelkyr—some of the most fearsome and perverse creatures in the cosmos.

Language Spoken by . . . Script
Abyssal Demons, gnolls, sahuagin Barazhad
Argon Barbarians of Argonnessen and Seren Common
Common Humans, halflings, half-elves, half-orcs Common
Deep Speech Daelkyr, mind flayers, other aberrant creatures Daelkyr
Draconic Dragons, dragonborn, kobolds lokharic
Dwarven Dwarves, galeb duhrs Davek
Elven Elves, eladrin, fomorians Rellanic
Giant Giants, ogres, drow Davek
Goblin Goblins, orcs Common
Primordial Efreets, archons, elementals Barazhad
Quori Inspired, kalashtar Quori
Riedran Lower classes of Sarlona Old Common
Supernal Angels, devils Supernal

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