Life Across Khorvaire

Almost four years ago, the people of Khorvaire took the first drastic steps to pull themselves out of a devastating, century-long conflict called the Last War. In its aftermath, the great Kingdom of Galifar was no more. In Galifar’s place were a handful of smaller, depleted nations nursing long-standing grudges and deep wounds. The Last War and, to a lesser extent, the memory of Galifar’s golden age define how the people of Khorvaire think and act.

Khorvaire is a disparate land. However, much of it was once a single kingdom, and thus its nations share a number of similarities. The Last War and the destruction of Cyre left people with a deep cynicism and smoldering distrust. A feeling of doom lies heavily on the land. Many people see the ravaging of Cyre as the harbinger of an even greater apocalyptic event. Many speculate that if Cyre could fall, then all of Khorvaire is at risk of becoming a lifeless gray landscape where only ghosts walk.

These dark thoughts are pervasive and profound. Some people remain optimistic despite the hard times (citing the Treaty of Thronehold as evidence that the nations can work together), but, for most Khorvairians, trust is dead. The average person suspects his neighbor of something. His neighbor, in turn, suspects the same of him, and going to the market is an experience rife with cold glances and whispered conversations.

The nations’ political leaders foster this sense of unease. None of the kings or queens got what they wanted in the Last War. National pride is not nearly as strong a feeling as xenophobia, and although the nations work together to some degree, distrust among their leaders is echoed by distrust among their citizenry. Each nation suspects the others of secretly stockpiling weapons, directing saboteurs, and commissioning spies. The general atmosphere is not relief that the war is finally over. Khorvairians know that although the surviving nations are now exhausted from the brutality and the effort of the war, they will soon leap back into the fight.


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Life Across Khorvaire

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