Most rural folk are farmers or laborers, and they make up the majority of Khorvaire’s population. Indeed, six out of every ten Khorvairians are members of the lower class. A rural Khorvairian would rarely have more than a handful of silver pieces at one time, and might only with difficulty find a few dozen gold pieces in an emergency.

Three out of every ten Khorvairians are members of the middle class. They are merchants, artisans, skilled professionals, minor nobles, members of the clergy, professors, or heroic tier adventurers. Each might have several hundred gold pieces within easy access, and could gather a couple of thousand or more if necessary. The majority of the middle class resides in cities, but a few members—skilled artisans, minor lords, and retired adventurers-live in the country.

One in ten Khorvairians belongs to the upper class, including high nobles, ranking clergy, masters of the dragonmarked houses, and adventurers in the paragon and epic tiers. These individuals can easily obtain thousands of gold pieces to support their lifestyles, and can access even greater wealth if need be.


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