Naming Conventions

In the Five Nations, most people take a surname, usually a family name, a name denoting area of origin, or a name indicating the individual’s profession. Examples include Barius Fairshield, Toroth of Sharn, and Sianna Magewright.

Scions of royal or dragonmarked families have additional naming conventions. The kings of Galifar had many heirs, and they bestowed titles and land upon various families. These people are of noble blood, and they attach the prefix "ir"’ before their surnames. King Boranel of Breland, for example, traces his lineage back to King Galifar, so his name is Boranel ir’Wynarn.

Members of dragonmarked families include the prefix "d"’ before their surnames, such as Morrikan d’Kundarak, Elvinor Elorrenthi d’Phiarlan, and Dalin d’Vadalis (the leaders of House Kundarak, Phiarlan, and Vadalis, respectively). This convention arose fifteen hundred years ago, after a conflict called the War of the Mark. It serves to solidify the dragonmarked houses and set them apart from the rest of Khorvaire-particularly from those who have aberrant dragonmarks.

Each dragonmarked house is composed of multiple interrelated families. House Phiarlan, for example, includes the Phiarlan, Tialaen, Shol, and Elorrenthi lines. Typically, a member of such a line uses the house name alone and adds the family name only on formal occasions. Thus, Elvinor Elorrenthi d’Phiarlan commonly goes by Elvinor d’Phiarlan, but when introducing herself at court uses her full name.

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