The Planes

The legendary dragons correspond to the three layers of the universe. The Astral Sea, or Sea of Siberys, lies above the world. It is home to immortal angels and devils, and perhaps even to deities. Legends say that the Sea of Siberys is divided into realms, much like the world below, and that beautiful, ageless creatures inhabit its breathtaking cities.

The Coils of Eberron is the world most creatures know, including Khorvaire, Xen’drik, and the other continents. The Coils also embrace the Shadowfell (Dolurrh), the Feywild (Thelanis), and Dal Quor, the enigmatic Region of Dreams.

Finally, the Elemental Chaos, or the Chaos of Khyber, is the nether region that forms the foundation of existence-the world below. This tormented reality is home to demons, devils, and worse. These creatures struggle to break free from Khyber and into the Coils of Eberron, in order to prey upon vulnerable mortal bodies and minds.

Some believe that there is a fourth layer of the universe, or perhaps a layer beyond the universe. Scholars call this plane Xoriat, the Realm of Madness. Brave souls shudder at the mention of the creatures said to dwell there. Although most of what is known about Xoriat is apocryphal, the existence of the Realm of Madness and its influence on Eberron is undeniable.

Although the planes touch on few peoples’ lives, they have an important impact on Eberron. Like the moons or the tides, the influence of the planes wanes and waxes. Sometimes they are distant (or remote) from Eberron, and their influence is small; other times they are near (or coterminous), and their pull is strong. When a plane is at its closest, Eberron feels its effects. When Dolurrh is coterminous, for example, the shadows of Eberron are deeper, the nights longer, and the darkness more dangerous.

Even when the planes move away, their influence bleeds into the world at certain key locations. These spots, called manifest zones, are strange and otherworldly areas. Some are verdant realms of life and twilight, some are landscapes of twisted trees and monstrous abominations, and others evince subtler changes. Whatever the specific consequences, the power of the planes is great.

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