The World

Eberron is a world divided into three parts. Legends tell of three great progenitor dragons that created the world and now form its three segments: Siberys the Dragon Above, Khyber the Dragon Below, and Eberron the Dragon Between. These legends have made their mark on philosophy, religion, and folklore across the world-every culture has its own version of the three creator dragons.

The progenitor dragons correspond to the world’s physical structure. The Ring of Siberys, which appear as a ribbon of gleaming dragonshards, surrounds the world and shines like a gold band across the night sky. On clear days, it shimmers with a faint golden haze. Twelve moons glitter like gems in its celestial setting. The nearest moons look like gold coins in the night sky, while the farthest seem only slightly larger than the brightest stars.

Khyber, the Dragon Below, is the cavernous underdark beneath the world’s surface. Labyrinthine
passages snake through the depths and open into vaults of every shape and size. In many places, the Elemental Chaos spills into the caverns of Khyber, creating areas where fire, magma, or lightning stream forth—and where demons emerge to wreak havoc on the world.

The Dragon Between is the world of Eberron— vast oceans and six great continents, mountains and
deserts, a patchwork of fields and forests, swamps and tundra, and much more. Eberron is a world of extremes: Fantastic natural beauty mingles with terrible corruption and darkness. The world’s majesties include mountainous ice floes looming over the freezing waters of the Bitter Sea, spectacular bluewood trees forming natural cathedrals in the heart of the Towering Wood, and islands like magnificent sculptures in the Straits of Shargon. At the opposite extreme, corruption seeps from the Realm of Madness and spreads through a sickened forest, the desolate soil of the Labyrinth rejects all life and growth, and the blighted earth of the Mournland lies
desolate in the wake of catastrophe.


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